Longwood Center for the Visual Arts: University Art Purchases 1014


The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the purchase of artworks at Longwood University.


Any visual material (such as original prints, paintings, drawings, photographs, sculpture, crafts, and antiques) used for the purpose of beautification or the enhancement of a particular space as well as works used for instructional purposes is subject to the following policy. These works are also defined as original in nature ( including signed limited editions), natural history, and archaeological collections are not considered works of art and are not subject to this policy.

In order to purchase works of art, a department must

  1. Select works based upon artistic merit, craftsmanship, and appropriateness to the needs of a particular department. Consultation with the Director of Longwood Center for the Visual Arts (LCVA) is required. If requested, a list of the recommended artists currently not in the University permanent collection will be made available. It is strongly recommended that a Virginia artist's work be selected for purchase. The University established a collection of works by Virginians in 1951 and continues to add to that collection.
  2. Submit the artist's name, work, and supporting documentation to the Longwood Center for the Visual Art's Collection Manager for review. The purpose of the review is to make certain that the work is of high quality, to ensure the price for the work is reasonable, and to ensure similar works are not already in the University art holdings. If at all possible, it is recommended that the unit propose several possibilities in the event that one work is rejected for purchase. The LCVA Advisory Board's Collection Committee will make the final decision. The committee is composed of expert collectors, educators, museum professionals from across the state, and the LCVA Director. Please note that this committee only meets 3 times a year (October, January and June). Please plan accordingly.
  3. After purchase, the work should be delivered to the LCVA for photographing, inventory, and preparation for installation. The LCVA will catalog and mark the item according to collection classification and security level. The LCVA will be responsible for the photographing, inventorying, insuring, identifying, tracking, and maintaining records on the work.
  4. The LCVA will determine if the preparation (i.e. framing) of the item can withstand normal exhibition. Recommendations will be made to the department that purchased the work if any changes are necessary. Any matting, framing, or other preparation needed for installation shall be paid for by the unit purchasing said item.
  5. For security and inventory purposes, the artwork will only be removed, moved, and reinstalled by the LCVA. If at any time the department no longer wishes to exhibit the item, the item will be removed by a LCVA staff member and housed in secure storage at the LCVA. If the work is classified as "Campus Loan" the work will be made available for loan to other departments.
  6. If the work is damaged, destroyed, or stolen the unit displaying the work is responsible for the first $1000 to repair or replace the work.

Work purchased by departments prior to this policy should follow procedure #5 when they no longer wish artwork to be on display in their department and complete a Record of Interdepartmental Property Movement or Transfer form transferring the work to the LCVA.

Approved by the Board of Visitors, April 1, 2005.