Longwood University Policy Template (Attachment 1) 001

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Policy Title:

Policy Number:

Table of Contents (optional):

Definitions (optional): List key terms with policy specific definitions. The policy should define words that might be confusing, have different possible meanings, or are being used in a specific or technical way.

Policy Owner: Clearly note which university vice president oversees the policy (Academic Affairs, Athletics, Administration and Finance, Strategic Operations, Advancement or Student Affairs) and which office is responsible for monitoring compliance with the policy and taking any necessary corrective action. For example, the policy on parking would note that Student Affairs oversees the policy and the Longwood University Police Department is responsible for compliance.

Purpose:  A brief statement why the policy exists or why it is needed. This statement usually describes the problem or conflict the policy will resolve and may include any legal or regulatory reasons for the policy.

Policy Statement: A statement that summarizes the policy’s purpose. It should identify who should follow the policy, under what conditions the policy applies, and may include mandated actions or constraints.

Procedures:  Outlines specific actions required to comply with the policy. This section may also describe what offices/individuals have the job of making the policy and procedures work.

Date: Date(s) the Board of Visitors approved the policy and any subsequent revisions. Revisions to existing policies should clearly note all additions and deletions.