General Fund-Raising 4002


The purpose of this policy is to establish the appropriate business practices for any private fund raising programs or solicitations on behalf of Longwood University. This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students and student organizations, coaches, volunteer support groups and any other entity raising funds from the private sector on behalf of Longwood University. This policy is not intended to apply to any separate corporate entities which might have an articulated agreement with the University.


It is the responsibility of the Office of Development to institute an organized program for obtaining gift support from alumni, parents, friends, faculty and staff, businesses, corporations, organizations, and private foundations in regard to annual, endowment and capital support. It is in keeping with this policy that the Board of Visitors has set forth the following policy statement and guidelines, and authorized the Foundation to receive and manage all private gifts:

"Solicitation of gifts made by anyone for the benefit of Longwood University, or any Agency thereof, shall require the prior approval of the President through the Vice President for Institutional Advancement."

In order to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the services provided by University Advancement, the guidelines that govern fund-raising for the benefit of Longwood University and all its functional units are defined as follows:


  1. Coordinating Solicitation of Prospective Donors:The Office of the Vice President for Institutional Advancement is the coordinating agent for all types of fund-raising programs and for all solicitations of funds from private individuals, foundations, businesses, corporations, and organizations in order to avoid an excessive number of solicitations on behalf of Longwood University and to maximize overall institutional fundraising. Any request to undertake a fund-raising program or to solicit contributions from individuals, private foundations, businesses, corporations, and organizations should first be reviewed by the appropriate department head, Dean and/or Provost and then approved by Development before any solicitation is made from a prospective donor.
  2. Fundraising programs to be coordinated through the Office of Development include, but are not limited to:
    1. Any solicitation of an individual donor prospect;
    2. Plans to raise funds from alumni, parents, businesses, corporations, foundations, and friends on an annual recurring basis, similar to, or as a part of, an annual fund type of solicitation;
    3. Establishment and ongoing maintenance of an "associates," "Friends," or "membership" program designated to solicit financial support;
    4. Special fund-raising efforts appealing to various Longwood University constituencies regarding the establishment of scholarships, memorial funds, fellowships, professorships, endowed chairs, other positions, building funds, and program support, etc.;
    5. Requests to private sources for the funding of new or existing academic programs;
    6. All other programs to raise funds in the private sector;
    7. All programs in which students or student organizations intend to seek funding from private donors.
  3. Minimum Funding Requirements:The Office of Development maintains up-to-date information as to fundraising matters including the percentage or amount of gift expected or required to name buildings, endow professorships, chairs, named scholarship funds, etc., and should be consulted before any such discussions take place with a potential donor. Ultimate approval for the naming of funds, buildings, etc. is given only by the Board of Visitors.
  4. Preparation of Fund-Raising Literature:Any literature, including brochures, booklets, and letters, etc., to be used to attract private funds to Longwood University must be approved by and coordinated through the Office of Development in order to ensure that the most accurate information appropriate to a particular fund-raising effort is reflected. Accordingly, the Office of Development will be responsible for the establishment and maintenance of a master calendar, which incorporates the schedule of all fund-raising mailings and solicitations to insure that embarrassing crossovers do not result.
  5. Recording Private Gifts to the University: University Development compiles official records on all private gifts and reports results publicly on an annual basis through the "President's Message and Annual Report of Gifts," and the Voluntary Support of Education (CAE, Council for Aid to Education).

    All private gifts must be recorded in University Development within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt in another department or University office. Such funds are held in the designated University Foundation accounts and may be accessed by using a Trust Fund Withdrawal Form submitted to the Longwood University Foundation, Inc.
  6. Maintenance of Prospect Files:University Development establishes and maintains prospect and resource files for the purpose of providing timely and relevant information about prospective individual donors, private foundations and corporations. While all prospects must be cleared though University Development prior to any solicitation, faculty and staff are encouraged to identify prospects and work with the University Development staff to make the appropriate solicitations.
  7. Involvement of Volunteers in Fund-Raising Efforts:Whenever volunteers are to be involved in fund-raising efforts, University Development will assist in the selection and recruitment of the volunteers, and will provide them with training and information required in order to be effective in soliciting funds.
  8. Identification and Coordination of Solicitations of Corporations and Foundations:University Development coordinates the cultivation and solicitation of corporations and private foundations, to include corporate sponsorships. This coordination will ensure avoiding an inappropriate number of the solicitations to any single source of private corporate or foundation funds. In the case of contractual grants from corporations and foundations in which a unit or department agrees to perform a specific service in exchange for grant dollars, the Office of Development should be notified by the appropriate Longwood University unit in advance so that the contracted activity will be reflected in the Office of Development's prospect files.
  9. Public Statements Regarding Gifts to Longwood University: The Public Relations Office, under the guidance of the Vice President for Institutional Advancement, initiates the preparation of all public statements concerning gifts to the University or any units thereof. Coordination also should include the unit designated in a restricted gift.
  10. Clearance:To avoid institutional and donor embarrassment, multiple appeals and/or solicitation of gifts from businesses, individuals, organizations, or foundations must be cleared through the Office of Development before a donor is approached. Prospects and fundraising plans should be cleared through the appropriate University Development staff person.
  11. Exceptions:In general the sale of particular items on campus or around town to raise money for student organizations, does not fall under this policy. However, students or student organizations soliciting cash contributions or sponsorships are subject to this policy.
  12. Rationale: Every organization and department at Longwood University could put to good use additional funds solicited from the private sector. The reality is that there is not an unlimited supply of good prospective donors, nor the resources to identify and solicit them. The task of University Development is to maximize donor potential to meet overarching institutional objectives and, as time and resources permit, assist and guide particular departments with other efforts to build resources that are not in conflict with institution-wide objectives. University Development welcomes any input into the identification and planning of solicitation strategies for prospects, but it is critical that "the left hand knows what the right hand is doing" to ensure that Longwood University is moving on a united front. This policy is not designed to deter anyone from seeking new sources of support, rather to ensure they are all coordinated though a central clearinghouse and that one solicitation does not jeopardize another that may have greater value to the University as a whole. Usually a simple phone call to the appropriate University Development staff member to discuss a prospect or plan for soliciting funds can resolve any questions.

Approved by the Board of Visitors, September 7, 2002.
Revised and approved by the Board of Visitors, June 15, 2012.