Use of Lankford Student Union Public Space 5103


The purpose of this policy is to establish policies which govern the use of the Lankford Student Union facility and the Lankford Mall to ensure they are used in a manner consistent with the mission of the institution and requirements of the Commonwealth of Virginia.


The space located directly behind the Lankford Student Union facility is Lankford Mall. this location can be reserved by both internal and external organizations and individuals with the same time restrictions as the Lankford Student Union facility.

  1. Internal Groups: For the purpose of reservations, internal groups redefined as those departments with a Longwood account and those student organizations recognized by the University as official Longwood student organizations.
  2. External Groups: All groups not meeting the qualifications for internal groups will be considered external.


  1. Facility: The Lankford Student Union facility contains several meeting rooms and a large open area that can be  used for receptions and banquets. Reservation of the Commonwealth Ballroom by external  groups is permissible only when the institution is not in session or with special permission of the Director of the Student Union. These times usually include the summer, fall break and spring break. Reservation of the entire Lankford recreation area by an external group is permissible only during Longwood breaks. A Longwood employee must be on duty at all times and user rental rates and associated charges will be the responsibility of the event requestor. All requests for use of this facility must be submitted a minimum of fifteen (15) business days in advance with the exception of events listed in section C of this policy, which require five (5) business days advance request.
  2. Advertising: All on-campus advertising must be conducted in accordance with  the Longwood Advertising and Posting of Flyers policy. Signs, notices, etc. may be posted only on bulletin boards. Materials may not be taped, stapled, or nailed to any painted, glass, or wooden surfaces. 
  3. Speeches & Demonstrations: Lankford Mall is the designated campus location for speeches and demonstrations for internal and external groups or individuals. Use of this space for these purposes is between 9:00 A.M. and 9:00 P.M., Monday - Friday when school is in session for speaking, demonstrating and other forms of expression. Groups or individuals may only use this designated area once per month and for a maximum period of two (2) days. This regulation is structured to assure equal opportunity for all persons, to  preserve order within the campus community, to protect and to preserve University property, and to provide a secure environment to individuals or groups exercising freedom of expression.
  4. On-campus Solicitation: Selling, canvassing, or promotion of materials or goods within Lankford Student Union must be approved by the Director and appropriately registered.
  5. No Loitering Policy: No one shall remain in the Student Union after it is closed without the permission of the Director.
  6. Pets, Animals, and Service Animals: With the exception of service animals, pet and animals are not permitted in the building at any time.
  7. Recreation Area After Hours: Use of the Lankford facility Recreation Area is limited to Longwood students, faculty, staff, and their accompanied guests.

Revised and approved by the Board of Visitors, September 7, 2002.
Revised and approved by the Board of Visitors, March 28, 2008