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This is the department that gets it all done, so to speak. Facilities Management's Business Operations, housed in Bristow, is the department that handles much of the everyday running of the Facilities department.

Ms. Stimpson and Daphne Ratliff manage and track most of the department's budgets. Tracy Seagle, our workorder center coordinator, manages the execution of work orders received in the Workorder Center.  Bill Irish is our contract administrator who keeps on top of several contracts we have with such outside vendors as GCA. Susan Borum is in charge of Fleet Management, which includes vehicle reservations, golf carts, cars, and even the motor coach, as well as managing maintenance and maintenance records for all of our fleet vehicles.  Folk in this area also coordinate correspondence with the campus community regarding projects that may or will affect some or all of us.

All that this department handles can be summed up in its Mission Statement below:

  • Support the purpose and mission of the division;
  • Support and promote campus sustainability efforts;
  • Provide fiscal management and contract administration in accordance with agency, state, and federal policies, regulations, and laws;
  • Provide internal and external service in the areas of administrative services and operational support.

In short, regarding campus management, beautification, development, and repair, this team manages, coordinates, and handles whatever needs its attention.

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