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The Campus Planning and Construction organization turns Longwood’s vision into reality.  It is responsible for planning, designing, building, and renovating Longwood’s structures and facilities. Led by Executive Director Louise Waller, it is comprised of two major areas:  Capital Design & Construction and Space & Real Estate Management.

David Pletcher, Director of Capital Design and Construction Department, heads the team that plans and carries out all of Longwood’s construction and renovation projects. Starting with the University Master Plan, this group formulates the Six Year Capital Plan and submits the Capital Budget Requests. After projects are approved and funded, this team has the never-easy job of making sure that they are designed and built in accordance with the high standards of Longwood and the Commonwealth of Virginia. An additional significant responsibility of this department is to coordinate moves of people and equipment among University facilities.

The Space and Real Estate Management function is managed by Lori Blackwood. This area handles property acquisition and leasing to help Longwood fulfill the vision and direction of the University Master Plan. This area also manages the assignment and re-assignment of space within existing campus buildings.