Memorial and Commemoration


This policy is intended to provide guidance to the process of establishing memorials and commemorations located on property owned or managed by Longwood University. This policy does not address major gifts. The policy is administered by the Longwood University Space Planning and Management Committee (SPMC)


  • Memorial: An object that honors and preserves a person, group, or event.
  • Commemoration: An object that serves as recognition of meritorious service.
  • Naming Opportunity: Naming of University facilities and landmarks, including the naming of buildings, their wings, labs, classrooms, lecture halls, libraries, auditoria, and other interior components; recreational facilities, plazas, fountains, roadways, malls, quadrangles, and walkways; gardens, parks, patios, and service facilities; and colleges, programs, centers and institutes.
  • Major Gift: A donation that is equivalent or in excess of twenty five thousand dollars.


  • Longwood University will consider the placement of memorials or commemorations on property owned or managed by Longwood University. All requests are to be made to the Office of University Advancement. Approval of these requests will be made by the SPMC.
  • Decisions regarding major gifts and naming opportunities will be made at the discretion of the Longwood University Board of Visitors or their designee, and will not be subject to this policy.
  • While donors may make suggestions, the location and form of any memorial or commemoration is at the sole discretion of the SPMC.
  • All costs, including: purchase, installation, and signage, will be the responsibility of the donor. An estimate of these costs will be provided to the donor by the Office of University Advancement.
  • All memorials and commemorations will meet the style and architectural standards of campus.
  • The SPMC will approve a location for all memorials or commemorations.
  • Plaques or signage will not be affixed to any tree or shrub.
  • Memorials and commemorations are received as gifts to the University, and once received become the property of the University. The memorial or commemoration may be moved or removed at the discretion of the University.
  • No memorial or commemoration will be considered in perpetuity. Objects that reach the end of their useful life or become unsightly due to damage, age or wear will be removed.
  • The Real Property Manager (RPM) will keep an accurate inventory of all memorials and commemorations approved through the SPMC.