Campus Community Campaign

We are building the tradition of giving here at the university. It sends a powerful message to our alumni and friends that Longwood is worthy of our own investment and theirs.

By participating in the Campus Community Campaign, we actively demonstrate to others that we value this university, not just as our employer, but as an important contributor to society.

We are showing our students what it means to be citizen leaders. Give to an area important to you.

Ways to Give


Fulfill your gift easily on our secure, online giving website.

Credit Card, Check, or Cash

Fill out the Campus Community Campaign Pledge Card (pdf) (so we can count your participation for your department!) and send your gift in an envelope to Institutional Advancement or walk it over to Maugans G25.

If you're writing a check, make it payable to Longwood University Foundation.

Payroll Deduction

Fill out the Payroll Deduction section on your Campus Community Campaign Pledge Card (pdf). Be sure you write the amount you would like taken out of each paycheck, the paycheck date to start on, and your signature with the date at the bottom.

Payroll Deduction Pledge Chart
If I pledge...Bi-monthly deduction 
$1,500 $62.50
$1,000 $41.67
$500 $20.83
$442 $18.39
$250 $10.42
$100 $4.17
$50 $2.08