Key Security


The purpose of this policy is to establish a system for the control of keys for University controlled facilities.


  1. Definitions
    1. Key:A device used to activate the bolt mechanism of a lock
    2. Mechanical Key:A physical device, typically made of metal, used to secure or release the bolt of a lock.
    3. Grand Master Key:A mechanical key that operates multiple locks for multiple buildings
    4. Building Master Key:A mechanical key that operates all locks within a building
    5. Individual Key:A mechanical key that operates a single lock or multiple locks that have been pinned to the same location
    6. Desk/File Cabinet Key:For the purposes of this policy, desk and file cabinet keys refer to any mechanical key used to lock storage areas that are part of free standing furniture, free standing cabinets and built-in cabinetry.
    7. Team Key Set:A collection of mechanical keys, usually place on a ring, that are used for temporary issuance to specific university employees, contractors or other individuals authorized access to university controlled facilities for specific periods of time.
    8. University Controlled Facility:Any facility owned, leased or managed by Longwood through other formal agreements.
    9. Operational Space Manager (OSM): Individual delegated operational management of a space (per Policy 7210).
  2. Applicability
    1. This policy applies only to facility mechanical keys
    2. This policy applies to anyone issued a mechanical key for university controlled facilities.
    3. This policy does not apply to desk, file cabinet or other non-facility keys.

III. Policy

  1. General Terms
    1. No person shall knowingly possess an unauthorized key to property controlled by the Commonwealth of Virginia through Longwood University.
    2. All keys remain the property of Longwood University.
    3. All members of the university community are responsible for keys assigned to them and maintaining control of those keys according to this policy.
    4. All keys shall be used only for the purposes issued.
    5. Any person issued a key shall abide by any and all access control policies applicable to the facilities to which the key provides access.
    6. No key shall be loaned to an individual not specifically authorized to use the key.
    7. Security for construction sites placed under the control of contractors shall be the responsibility of the contractor.
  2. Issuance
    1. Only the Longwood University Key Control Office and the Longwood Department of Public Safety are authorized to issue university keys to individuals receiving the appropriate approvals.
    2. University Controlled Facilities
      1. Eligibility
        1. Faculty, staff and students of Longwood University
        2. Individuals working for Longwood University under a contract or other agreement that requires access to locked university controlled facilities.
        3. Individuals working under grants or with programs affiliated with the University.
        4. Individuals requiring access to locked university controlled facilities that are a part of a conference or other event coordinated by Longwood University.
      2. Approval
        1. Individual Keys
          1. OSM for the area.
        2. Building Master Keys
          1. Vice President to who the facility is allocated.
        3. Grand Master Key
          1. President, Vice President for Administration and Finance and Chief of Police
        4. Team Key Sets
          1. Vice President for Administration and Finance shall delegate approval authority to specific key sets to:
            1. Director of Capital Planning & Construction
            2. Director of Facilities Operations
    3. Construction Projects
      1. Contractors shall issue keys for construction cores used in construction sites placed under their control.
      2. The Key Control Office or Campus Police shall temporarily issue team key sets upon the approval of either the Director of Capital Planning & Construction or the Director of Facilities Operations.
  3. Control
    1. Physical Control
      1. Individual Keys
        1. Any individual issued an individual key shall maintain reasonable physical control of the key in such manner that it cannot be lost or stolen.
      2. Building and Grand Master Keys
        1. Master keys must be kept locked in a safe and secure location. Access to each key must be available only to those individuals specifically authorized to use the key.
      3. Team Key Sets
        1. Team keys sets must be kept locked in a safe and secure location. Access to the key set must be available only to those individuals specifically authorized to temporarily issue the key set.
        2. The team keys sets shall be temporarily issued only to individuals whose name appears on a signed approval residing in the issuing office.
    2. Key Inventory
      1. A master inventory of all keys shall be maintained by the Key Control Office.
      2. Each Vice President and the President, in the case of direct reports, are responsible for ensuring the maintenance of an inventory of keys providing access to the areas within their control. The Operational Space Managers shall be responsible for maintaining the inventories for their designated areas.
      3. The Key Control Shop and Campus Police shall maintain an inventory log reflecting the temporary issue of team key sets.
    3. Lost Keys
      1. The loss of a key shall be reported to Campus Police and the Key Control Office, as soon as possible within the first 24 hours after the discovery of the loss.
      2. Loss of keys, due to negligence, may result in disciplinary action.
      3. Costs related to lock changes necessitated by the loss of keys will be borne by the departments responsible for the keys.
    4. Key Return
      1. Team key sets are to be returned to Campus Police or the Key Control Office at the end of each work shift according the procedures provided at the time of temporary issue.
      2. Keys that are no longer needed shall be promptly returned to Campus Police or the Key Control Office.
      3. Upon a separation from service, keys should normally be returned to Campus Police or the Key Control Office by the employee as a normal part of the checkout procedure. In the event that circumstances prevent the normal return of keys, individuals receiving the keys are responsible for returning them to Campus Police or the Key Control Office within 48 hours