Maintenance Work Orders


The purpose of this policy is to establish a maintenance work order system to manage maintenance-related work orders systematically.


  1. Maintenance:Routine repairs and/or painting of buildings, utilities systems, elevators and operating equipment to sustain their basic functions.
  2. Preventive Maintenance:Maintenance activities such as filter changes, adjustments, testing, cleaning, tightening belts, etc. that decrease the likelihood of equipment failure. The purpose of preventive maintenance is to reduce unplanned equipment downtime.
  3. Alterations:(synonymous with Modifications) Changing the character of a facility such as moving a wall, changing electric circuits, rearranging plumbing, etc.
  4. Renovations:A major project in which an entire building, or portion of a building is overhauled. This could include plastering, painting, refinishing floors, and could include alterations.
  5. Construction:The planning, design, and building of a complete new facility or addition to an existing facility.
  6. Product Manufacturing:Fabrication of shelves, bookcases, special containers, etc., where the work must be basically performed in the shop.
  7. Custodial:The process of cleaning and sanitizing a building and the facilities within (may include replacement of light bulbs.)
  8. Labor:Manpower utilized to mow the lawns, trim the shrubs, prune the trees, and move equipment from one location to another within a building, or from one building to another.
  9. Emergency: When the deteriorating of a facility or malfunction of equipment will result in the following, if not promptly repaired: injury to employees, damage to property.


The Facilities Management (FM) Department utilizes a computerized Maintenance Work Order System
to manage work, labor and materials associated with each request. Work performed by the FM Department generally falls into the following five (5) categories:

  1. Categories of Maintenance Work:
    1. Emergency Service Work: Emergency Service Work includes any disaster, unusual occurrence, utility malfunction or equipment failure which presents an imminent danger to life, health, and property. During normal business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., emergency situations should be immediately reported to the FM Department Coordination Center at 434.395.2304. After business hours, on weekends or holidays, calls should be placed to the Office of Public Safety at 434.395.2091.
    2. Routine Service Work: Routine Service Work includes general maintenance, repair or replacement work that does not present danger of life or property. Routine service work is usually handled on a first-in, first-out basis, prioritized by the lead man of each trade shop when necessary. Requests can be made by calling the FM Department Coordination Center at 434.395.2304.
    3. Preventive Maintenance: Preventive Maintenance is periodic scheduled service providing adjustments, cleaning, routine inspections and minor repairs to ensure uninterrupted service and the longest usable equipment life. Operations and frequencies of preventive maintenance are determined by the manufacturer and historical data.
    4. Minor Construction Work: Minor construction work beyond the scope of maintenance and repair includes installation of shelving, interior partitions, new lighting, etc., that is within the capabilities of the maintenance staff. This work must be requested on a Request for Service form, which may be obtained by calling the FM Department Coordination Center at 434.395.2304. Scheduling of work will be established in conjunction with the requestor following budget approval, authorization by the appropriate department chair or administrative office and receipt of any specialized material needed.
      1. Charges Associated with Minor Construction Work:
        1. For minor construction work when total cost of labor and materials is under one hundred (100) dollars, materials are charged directly to the customer's budget and customer does not pay for labor.
        2. For minor construction work when total cost of labor and materials exceed one hundred (100) dollars, an Estimate Request Form is needed, maintenance shops provide a lump sum estimate using twenty (20) dollars per hour as the labor rate, and upon completion of work, the department is charged based on the agreed-to estimate. An Estimate Request Form is required.
    5. Major Construction Work: Most work which costs in excess of three thousand (3,000) dollars is classified as major construction work. Work must be requested using the Estimate Request form. Work of this nature generally requires the use of contractual services and will be coordinated by the FM Department Coordination Center. Projects of this nature are initiated by calling in the request to 434.395.2304. Scheduling will occur following budget approval and authorization by the appropriate vice president based on availability of facilities and the contractor's work schedule.
  2. Priorities: Priorities for routine work order requests are set by the lead man of each trade shop. Priorities for large scale work, including construction, shall be set by the Executive Director of Facilities Management or designee.
  3. Scheduling: If scheduling is required for routine work order requests, the FM Department Coordination Center is responsible for communicating with the requester to determine appropriate timing.
  4. Funding: The Executive Director of Facilities Management budgets only for normal maintenance, custodial and labor work. Work involving construction, alterations, renovation furnishings and product manufacturing is normally funded by the requester, requester's department or from other sources.