Setup Assistance for Events and Conferences


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for assistance provided by the Facilities Management (FM) Department for Events and Conferences.


  1. Event Planning: Preparation for all occasions involving the use of FM employees or resources requires a work order to be generated through the Facilities Management Work Order Center via a confirmation (request) from the Office of Conferences and Scheduling. Individuals or groups responsible for the planning of any event are to contact the Office of Conferences and Scheduling for assistance, at least 2 weeks prior to the event. The Office of Conferences and Scheduling will then work with the contact person to ensure that all necessary information is acquired and communicated appropriately internally as well as externally. Specific types of information required from the requestor pertain to but are not limited to the following areas:
    1. Physical Setup: Will the site need alteration or addition of items such as a stage, tents(s), table(s), chair(s), tarp(s) (for gym floors), trashcan(s), etc.?
    2. Custodial Services: Will the event require additional services or varied schedules for the Custodial Services Department? Will it require special attention in specific areas?
    3. Grounds Services: Will the event require services that may include but are not limited to special mowing, litter/trash pickup and removal, ropes, stakes, fencing, fire-pan set-up, etc.?
    4. Electrical Services: Will additional lighting or a temporary power supply be required?
    5. Carpentry Services: Will banners be hung, booths constructed, etc.?
    6. HVAC Services: HVAC systems in most buildings are set to maintain an optimal level of comfort during normal business hours. Adjustments can, in most cases, be made to accommodate evening or weekend programs.
    7. Logistics: Exact location of the setup (diagrams preferred), date/time for completion and date/time for removal.
  2. Overtime Charges: Every attempt is made to complete setup requests during normal business hours. In the event this is not possible, the department/organization requesting the work will be responsible for any overtime costs.
  3. Advance Notice: All requests should be placed no less than one week in advance. New services or changes to requests made less than one week in advance of the event will be made on an "as available" basis. All requests must be submitted in writing.