Procedures for Educational Benefits for Employees 5211

Professional growth is important to Longwood University. This policy seeks to assist its employees and their families in gaining increased, affordable access to Longwood University course offerings.




Refer to Longwood University Policy 5211: EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS FOR EMPLOYEES for all eligibility requirements.


Employees Requesting Approval for Educational Benefits:

  1. The employee gives his/her immediate Supervisor notice of their interest in utilizing the Educational Benefit.
  2. The eligible employee will need to complete a “Longwood Faculty/Staff-Application For Class Attendance form”. This form is located in both the Registrar’s and Human Resources’ Offices. (This form is on NCR paper and is not available on-line.)
  3. The employee will need to forward the form to their immediate supervisor for written approval.
  4. After signing, the immediate supervisor will forward the form to the Department’s Vice President for written approval.
  5. Once approved, the Vice President will forward the form to the Human Resources Office to verify the employee’s eligibility status.  Once the form has the required signatures, Human Resources will forward the original application to the Registration Office; copies of the form will be sent to Student Accounts and Financial Aid.
  6. The employee will receive notification from Human Resources only if the employee is not eligible for Education Benefits.

Requesting Comprehensive Fee Waived for Spouse and Dependents:

The “Longwood University Employee Verification Form to Waive Comprehensive Fee for Spouse and Dependents” will need to be completed by the spouse/dependent. This form should be completed for any student eligible to have the comprehensive fee waived because of their relationship to an employee of Longwood University.  After the form has been completed and the employee employment status has been verified, the form should be forward to the Cashiering and Student Accounts Office.  This form must be on file before the comprehensive fee can be charged off a student’s account.


The Longwood University Employee Verification Form to Waive Comprehensive Fee for Spouse and Dependents can be found here: Comprehensive Fee Waiver Form (doc)


Effective Date:  June 10, 2010