Academic and Administrative Web Procedures


Web content manager(s): A web content manager is an individual with responsibility to update content on a website. The department head/chair can designate multiple web content managers if the site is managed by the content management system, but all work by a student web content manager must be approved by a faculty or staff web content manager before publishing to the "live" web site. Sites managed outside the content management system must get an exception from the Web Committee for more than one web content manager.


  1. Each department must provide the Office of Public Relations with the name and contact information for the web content manager(s) in charge of updating website information.
  2. The Office of Public Relations will send an annual reminder email to the various web content managers in order to help ensure updates occur as needed. 
  3. Web pages must be reviewed by departmental web content managers at least once annually to ensure that content is current and links are functional and correct.
    Website review should include, at a minimum:
    1. contact information
    2. job titles
    3. statistics/data
    4. updating and verifying citations to publications, including
      1. University Catalog
      2. University Factbook
      3. Faculty Policies and Procedures Manual
      4. Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
      5. Student Handbook
    5. verification of links to ensure they work properly
  4. To ensure ease of use and correct information, all departmental contact information should only be provided under the "faculty/staff" or "contact us" links on each departmental website.


  1. Unofficial websites provided by Longwood that remain empty and/or unused for 6 months or more may be removed by Information Technology Systems (ITS). The web share can be recreated at a later date if requested.
  2. Upon being notified of a faculty/staff member separating from Longwood University, access will be removed as stated in the Access to Information Technology Resources and Systems policy and the associated procedures:
    1. the faculty/staff member's unofficial web site will be deleted;
    2. if requested, the department head/chair will be given access to the faculty/staff member's unofficial website to review and take any appropriate action for a period of thirty (30) days upon which time the website will be deleted; and
    3. if the individual was designated as a departmental web content manager, a new web content manager will be assigned by the department head/chair if needed.