Compliance Checklist

GUIDELINESOfficial WebsitesUnofficial Websites

Any external advertising has been approved by the appropriate vice president

Requests to outsource or remotely host university-related websites must be presented and approved by the Web Committee. X X
If located on Longwood servers, web page filenames must have .htm or .html extensions (unless reviewed by ITS or managed by a content management system) and be less than 31 characters long including the extension. X X
Image file names must have .gif, .jpg, or .png extensions (usually .gif for line-art and .jpg for photographic images). X X
Images should have a resolution of 72 dpi (dots per inch) and should be displayed in their actual size. (Resizing should be done with a photo editing application and not within the HTML.) X X
File names may not contain any "illegal" characters (.. ./ \ : % & spaces) or certain file extensions (.exe .bat .cmd .com .dll) if located on Longwood servers. X X
Conforms to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Priority 1 and Section 508 accessibility requirements (Download a printable Section 508 Checklist or use a web accessibility evaluation tool.) X X
Is accessible on all major PC and MAC browsers (Internet Explorer 7 and higher, Firefox 3 and higher, Safari, etc.) X X
Designed for viewing in multiple screen resolutions including 1024x768 and higher; functional at 800x600 X X
Designed for viewing at various bandwidth connection speeds or provide an alternative for low-bandwidth users X X
Must provide an alternate method for users to view important information or links if using technologies not completely supported X X
Uses web-safe fonts (or fonts optimized for the web via API) only X X
If the page collects information from the visitor, a link to Longwood University's privacy statement should be visible on the page. X X
When personal information is requested from the visitor, it must be preceded by an explanation of why they are being asked to provide this information. X X
Documents, such as PDFs and Word Documents, should be labeled (pdf) or (Word) beside the link
i.e. View the Transcript (pdf).
Uses titles and/or navigational aids to indicate the visitor's location within the Longwood University website X O
Must be able to use "Back" button or another clearly visible method to return to previously viewed pages if navigation not consistent X O
Date last modified appears on any time-sensitive material X O
Site home page contains contact information (phone, fax, e-mail, mailing address, physical address) for the unit OR a clearly visible "Contact Us" link to a page with this information X O
The Longwood University logotype or wordmark is clearly visible without scrolling X O
Site home page contains a link to Longwood University's home page X O
All pages in the site link back to the site's home page X O
Has consistent navigation options X O
Site's home page is named index.htm or index.html if located on Longwood servers X O
Complies with Longwood University style manual (pdf) regarding Longwood logos, colors, etc. and maintains a coordinated identity for the university X O
Site's home page contains a copyright notice X  
Uses fonts and colors that complement design ("Verdana" for text content, "Georgia" for headers) O  
Links contain relevant text, not "click here" or something similar.
GOOD: "see our Multimedia Archive"
BAD: "click here for our Multimedia Archive"
All pages are accompanied by the official disclaimer that the page contents are not routinely regulated and do not necessarily reflect the views of Longwood University   O


X indicates a requirement.
O indicates a recommendation.