Meal Plan Policy and Appeals

Resident Students

The Longwood University Meal Plan Contract is for the full academic year (August - May), or if entered into after the start of the academic year, for the balance of the academic year. A meal plan is mandatory for all residential students living on the main campus or with-in any Longwood managed apartment.

Meal Plan requirements are part of your Housing contract and based on your student classification and housing assignment.  See details listed below:

  • Freshman living on main campus:  Block 225 (default plan) or All Access Plan
  • Upperclassmen living on main campus:  Block 160, Block 225 (default plan) or All Access Plan
  • Longwood Managed Apartments:  Block 80 (default plan), Block 160, Block 225 or All Access Plan

Longwood University shall provide meals on a regular basis subject to the Food Service board contract. Lancer Cards are required for meal plan access. Residential students (new and returning) select a meal plan as they complete an on-line room and meal application. Prior to the submission of the on-line application, a student must indicate that he/she has read and agrees to the terms and conditions of the Housing and Meal Plan Contract. It is recommended that a copy of these terms and conditions are printed for personal records. Submission of an on-line application will be considered legally binding. Only the contracted student is permitted to use the purchased meal plan. Meal plans are not transferable nor are they intended for resale.

Meal plan changes are permitted up until 5 p.m. on the drop/add date of each semester.  Changes to a meal plan selection must be reflected on the billing statement. Main campus residents failing to select a meal plan prior to the first day of classes will be assigned a Block 225Comm Meal Plan. Residents, living in Longwood managed apartments, failing to select a meal plan prior to the first day of classes will be assigned a Block 80 Meal Plan.

Commuter Students

Commuting students (not living in Longwood managed residences) are not required to purchase a meal plan.  Commuter students can choose to purchase any of our meal plans but we have designed our Block 80 Plan to closely fit your needs. While you are not required to purchase a meal plan, we strongly encourage you to save money and experience campus life with a meal plan.

Commuter meal plans are purchased on a semester-by-semester basis and a request must be submitted each semester.  If a commuter student chooses to purchase a meal plan, they are held to the same meal plan contract as a resident student.  You can change or drop your meal plan up until 5:00 pm on the drop/add day of each semester.  **Bonus dollars will roll over from Fall to Spring semester only if a plan is purchased both semesters.

Meal Plan Changes

Meal plan changes are permitted up until 5:00 pm on the drop/add date of each semester. 

Resident Students

Resident students must log into Student Housing Gateway at  to change their meal plan.

Commuter Students

Commuter students can change their meal plan by logging in to and selecting "Change Meal Plan" from the left side menu.

If the deadline has passed, the student cannot change their meal plan until the following semester.  If you have missed the deadline and/or have extenuating circumstances, you can complete a Meal Plan Appeal Form to request to change or drop your meal plan.

Appeal Procedures

Students will complete a Meal Plan Appeal Application (pdf) that will be submitted to the Lancer Card Center Manager at or in person in the Lancer Card Center, Coyner G10. Appeals will be reviewed and acted upon at the next committee meeting. The committee may decide to approve or deny the appeal. If approved, the committee will decide what action is to be taken. The appealed charge may be either reduced or entirely canceled. The decision of the committee is final.

As long as appropriate supporting documentation is provided, appeals will generally be approved for students due to the following reasons:

  • Special dietary or nutritional needs.  Students are required to meet with Dining Services Staff to discuss available dining options prior to beginning the appeals process in the event arrangements can be made with Dining Services directly.
  • Religious restrictions or requirements.  Students must provide documentation from a pastor, rabbi, priest or other religious authority from a recognized religion.
  • Medical restrictions or requirements.  The student must provide a letter from a licensed physician or certified counselor verifying illness or condition.

Students will be informed in writing of the results of the committee's decision. The written communication will be drafted and sent by the Lancer Card Center Manager. The mailing address submitted on the Meal Plan Appeal Application will be used.

Appeal Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are called by the Chair. Normally, the Committee will meet on a weekly basis during the Fall and Spring semesters.