Internet Privacy


The purpose of this policy is to establish the guidelines under which Longwood University will or will not collect and/or use information about visitors to its Internet web sites.


  1. For statistical tracking purposes, the following information is always collected from each visitor:
    1. IP Address
    2. Referring URL
    3. Pages Accessed
    4. Operating System type/version of the visitor's computer
    5. Web Browser type/version of the visitor's computer
  2. Phrases and terms entered into the Longwood search engine will be tracked to generate reports of site usage.
  3. Personally identifiable information, as defined in the Code of Virginia, will only be obtained from visitors if:
    1. The information is required to provide the services for the visitor;
    2. The information is appropriate to be collected;
    3. The reason the information is being collected is explicitly stated; and
    4. The information collected can later be examined by the visitor.
  4. University web sites may use "cookies" for purposes to include enhancing web site functionality and services and statistical tracking.
  5. The University will summarize the requirements of this policy to visitors of its web sites in an Internet Privacy Statement. At a minimum this statement will:
    1. State the purpose of collecting information from the visitor (automatically collected, cookies, personal information, etc.);
    2. State the use(s) of the collected information;
    3. Explain the consequences of the visitor not providing information;
    4. Specify how the visitor may review and/or correct the information collected about him or herself; and
    5. Assure the reliability and prevention of misuse of the collected data.
  6. A conspicuous link to the Internet Privacy Statement will be placed on the web site homepage. The Academic and Administrative Web Policy Compliance Checklist will set requirements and recommendations for linking to this statement.
  7. All faculty, staff, students and other persons maintaining individual web pages will be encouraged to comply with this policy.


The University regards any violation of this policy as a serious offense. Violators of this policy are subject to disciplinary action, in addition to possible cancellation of IT resources and systems access privileges. Users of IT resources and systems at Longwood are subject to all applicable local, state and federal statutes. This policy does not preclude prosecution of criminal and civil cases under relevant local, state, federal and international laws and regulations.