Intro text

Center for Academic Success provides a range of critical academic support services. This unit’s main student success mission is the identification of students are likely to have, or are having, academic difficulty and to follow-up with intervention. Tutoring, one-on-one academic counseling, and testing are done in the Center for Academic Success, which also hosts a Writing Center. Students admitted under several of Longwood’s special admission and readmission programs are provided specialized support service in the Center for Academic Success. 

Mission Statement

The Center for Academic Success offers an opportunity for scholars across the Longwood campus to supplement their learning and integrate it into their in- and out- of-classroom experiences. The Center provides a range of services to meet diverse learning processes and an environment of sensitive and responsive support. In addition, the Center provides a forum through which faculty may delve into and share ideas about alternate instructional methods. Through all of its activities the Center encourages all individuals to explore the learning process.


  • Daytime office hours for The Center for Academic Success are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m
  • Check Tutoring for consultation, practice and study sessions times.
  • If you are not able to visit the Center in person or have questions which our website does not fully answer, please contact us at or 434.395.2050.