Golf Course:Rules and Regulation 1101


The purpose of this policy is to establish campus rules and regulations necessary for the safe and efficient operation of the Longwood University Golf Course.


  1. Availability:
    1. The course is open for play throughout the year except during the times specified below in Section II, A, 2.
    2. The course may be closed for certain hours for the following:
      1. Scheduled events such as the golf team matches.
      2. Inclement weather.
      3. Course repair work.
      4. Scheduled events for special groups approved by the Golf Course Committee.
      5. Annual winter closing of the University.
    3. All requests to close the Golf Course for special events must be submitted in writing to the Course Manager. The Course Manager will then check the schedule of events to determine whether or not there are conflicts, check with the members of the Golf Course Committee via meeting or telephone for approval or decline, and then notify the requesting party of the final decision.
    4. Other requests for use of the Golf Course shall be made to the Golf Course Manager.
    5. The Longwood golf classes and Intercollegiate Golf Teams have priority at all times at the practice areas.
    6. Practice areas are available to all when not in use by the two (2) groups mentioned in Section II, A, 5.
  2. Playing Privileges:
    1. Complimentary playing privileges may be awarded to the following:
      1. All persons with professional playing cards; and
      2. Longwood University Golf Coaches, and Golf Course staff. 
    2. Persons not covered in Section II, B, 1 a and 1 b above pay fees in accordance with the current Golf Course fee schedule.
    3. Playing privileges at the faculty/staff rate are granted to the following:
      1. Current member of the Board of Visitors and their families.
      2. Current members of the Foundation Board and their families.
      3. Longwood retired faculty/staff (spouse and siblings not included).
    4. Information on Club Memberships, green fees, discounts, club rentals, and equipment rental fees are posted at the Golf Course. For more information, contact the Golf Course at 434.395.2613.
  3. Conditions of Participation: All who use the golf course must abide by the published rules.

Revised and approved by the Board of Visitors, September 7, 2002.
Revised and approved by the Board of Visitors, June 15, 2012.