Capital Design and Construction

Making Sure Everything Goes As Planned

David Pletcher, our Director of Capital Design and Construction, has his hands full. With all the new construction on campus, this team has the not-always-easy job of making sure everything goes as planned.

And when something cannot or does not adhere to a plan set forth and agreed to before the project came close to breaking ground, Capital Design and Construction has to either redirect the job back on its path, or hustle to find an alternative that satisfies their strict guidelines and high standards. These large-scale and very visible projects are, however, just a small corner of what this team manages on a daily basis.

Maintaining the Aesthetic Character of the Campus

Capital Design and Construction oversees not only the large and obvious construction projects, but everything that gets a place on campus. From material, to size, to color, to exact placement, this team strives to maintain the aesthetic character of the campus.

This department is in charge of designing standards that ought to be followed campus-wide in order to maintain a continuous aesthetic across the campus. Capital Planning and Construction, in short, is the team responsible for the picture-perfect campus we have come to know and love.

Below, you will find the Capital Planning and Construction Mission Statement:

  • Support the purpose and mission of the division
  • Support and promote campus sustainability efforts
  • Proactively manage and implement campus master, capital, and facilities planning processes
  • Facilitate timely and cost effective construction of University facilities and infrastructure while maintaining required scope and meeting user needs
  • Facilitate timely and cost effective management of University deferred maintenance projects
  • Incorporate green building standards into each projectAnnual Standards & Specifications for Erosion & Sediment Control & Stormwater
  • Proactively promote an improved and uniform campus aesthetic


Erosion & Sediment Control Plan

Longwood University is taking strides toward limiting the adverse effects of stormwater runoff. Two of the impacts Longwood is working toward mitigating are Erosion and Sediment Control.

A set of standards addressing this need has been approved by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

 Longwood Standards and Specifications for E&S and Storm Water Managment

Construction & Design Standards

Below please find several links to Longwood University campus construction standards. These include the stormwater master plan, camera installation procedures, camera system standards, signage standards, University contractor safety, the complete Campus Construction Standards. Should you have any questions, concerns, or need further information, please contact Director of Capital Design and Construction, David Pletcher, at 434-395-2297 or or Facilities Planner Jerry Jerome at 434-395-2883 or