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Clean Virginia Waterways: Our Mission

The mission of Clean Virginia Waterways is to enhance the health of Virginia’s water resources through pollution prevention, education and stewardship activities involving Virginians from the classroom to the boardroom.

Clean Virginia Waterways: Our Vision

Our vision for the future is the same as our name: Clean Virginia Waterways.

Strategic Goals

  • Educate the public, school children and teachers about freshwater and marine pollution as well as measures needed to reduce pollution and enhance conservation of Virginia's waterways.
  • Clean Virginia's waterways and shorelines of debris and litter through volunteer effort; recycle items when possible.
  • Collect, analyze and share valuable data about the debris found on our waterways in order to find solutions.
  • Increase understanding of the health of Virginia’s waters through training volunteers to collect water quality data.
  • Help Virginians conserve and protect our water quality.