Electricity powers most human activities and that familiarity blinds us to the real hazards of electrocution and burns.

Longwood's electrical safety program covers the 100 to 250 voltage distribution and equipment on campus.

Electrical Safe Work Practices

  • Electrical extension cords, power strips,multi-outlets
    • If you need to extend power from an electrical outlet for more than a few hours, only power strips with overload protection are allowed. if this is a permanent need contact Facilities to add electrical outlets where the power is needed.
    • Extension cords are only allowed for temporary (day of) use inside Longwood University buildings. This is a Fire Code requirement. Temporary use extension cords must have a minimum 12AWG (heavy duty) wire diameter. Please note that 14AWG (medium duty) and 16AWG (light duty) are not acceptable because there are smaller diameter wires.
    • Outside of Longwood University buildings, temporary extension cords must:
      • Have a minimum 12AWG (heavy duty) wire diameter
      • Be covered by a 'yellow-jacket' or rug when the cross walkways.
  • Surge Protectors (which protect the devices that are plugged in) are NOT allowed unless they also have Overload Protection.
    • Overload Protection protects the building with a circuit breaker or a fuse that kills power if too much wattage is drawn from the building.