Who We Are

Longwood University's department of Facilities Management is composed of four units: Business Operations; Landscaping and Grounds Management;  Environmental Health and Safety, and Facilities Operations. As a team, we all work together to keep the campus beautiful inside as well as outside, efficient, and well-maintained.  We pride ourselves on our work ethic and a team mentality that is based on a get it done and done right, can-do attitude.  Whether repairing a dripping faucet, or trimming back shrubbery, to painting the scuffed walls or building Oktoberfest and Spring Weekend booths, not to forget heating and cooling and fleet management (including our Longwood Motor Coach!)... Facilities is your division!

What We Do

Each of our departments works in conjunction with each of the others to maintain the comfort, safety, sustainability, and aesthetic character of this 50+ acre campus.

Sprawling lawns, eye-catching color gardens, meticulously maintained Colonial brick buildings in the Palladian/ Jeffersonian architectural style, soaring trees: all fall under our care.

Members of our team handle all areas of beautification from planting and caring for the smallest of autumn's pansies to managing the coordination of setup for Commencement and other important events.  We have masons in house who handle smaller brickwork projects, and our landscaping and grounds team is a well-oiled beautification machine.  Carpenters and painters are always around hanging art or repainting an entire suite when not building booths or other items needed across campus.  Our plumbers chase leaks and maintain drinking fountains as well as the big fountains around campus.  HVAC is always on the go making sure folk are comfortable, and the steam plant folk work 24-7 making sure there is hot water when you need it as well as heat on those chilly days.  Our electricians keep the lights on and our wiring in order.  We are everywhere on campus managing all the cogs that keep this incredible campus running like a top.


Sustainability is a proud part of our Landscaping and Grounds Management unit.  In 2009, the University adopted a sustainability initiative which we are very excited to be spearheading. The Board of Visitors approved an Environmental Protection Policy on September 11, 2009 which you may read by clicking this link.  We not only promote recycling efforts, but ensure that all of our projects are as capable as possible of, as the 1987 Brundtland Report states:

"meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

Visit the Sustainability website for more information on what Longwood University is doing on the Sustainability front.