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A Rich, Learning Experience.

Located in Westmoreland County, Longwood University's Hull Springs Farm is a living, breathing outdoor classroom for educational events, research, and other programs.

Mission and Purpose

Hull Springs Farm has a long agricultural history, but new natural resource conservation goals are taking it far beyond the traditional concepts of farming. Longwood University Foundation is transitioning the farm into an economically self-sufficient model of sustainability, conservation, and land stewardship.

Integral to the transition process is the opportunity for the University and local residents to experience a special place for the exploration of new and emerging environmental sustainability practices; interdisciplinary academic exchanges; and the transfer of knowledge needed to advance stewardship of rural working lands.

Mission Statement

To manage and develop Hull Springs Farm as a compelling model of conservation and stewardship to educate the students of Longwood University, other institutions, and the greater community about their role in creating a more sustainable planet.

Hull Springs Farm’s Mission Statement is supported by five goals representing a long-term statement of the aspirations for Hull Springs Farm.  The goals are further defined by current Strategic Goals that represent a roadmap for the next 3-5 years.

The goals are facilitated and supported by the following principles, which run throughout the strategic planning and implementation process.

  1. Foster collaborative partnerships in the environmental community and beyond.
  2. Implement natural resource plans leading to an integrated model of conservation.
  3. Improve and expand capacity to host and deliver educational programs.
  4. Establish sustainable educational programs using the features at Hull Springs Farm.
  5. Ensure financial stability.


  1. Create a model of conservation and demonstration site for best management land and water use practices using the unique resources at Hull Springs Farm.
  2. Coordinate, develop and deliver educational programs using the unique features at Hull Springs Farm in the context of a model of conservation to educate many constituencies about sustainable land and water management and stewardship.
  3. Provide adequate facilities and support for undergraduate research, a scholar-in-residence program, and for use by other members of the conservation research community.
  4. Renovate existing buildings and construct new facilities necessary to deliver education and research programs using green design and construction principles that could be reasonably replicated by the public.
  5. Be an active good institutional citizen of the Northern Neck, the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

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