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The Senior Honors Research program was established in 1930 and was the first such program in a Virginia college or university. The program is intended to encourage students to conduct independent research at a level well beyond the ordinary demands of a classroom course. The results of a student's successful completion of the program are increased learning in a subject area of special interest, improvements in the student's abilities to conduct academic research and to write about the work, the presentation of a substantial paper on that research, the addition of that paper to the Library's permanent collection, and an enhancement of his or her application to graduate school or for immediate post-graduation employment. Students who successfully complete the program are publicly recognized at graduation for their exceptional academic achievement. Senior Honors Research is formally a two semester, six-credit-hour, student-initiated, non-classroom research project. Senior Honors Research is usually done during the student's senior year.

 To be eligible to register for Senior Honors Research, a student must have:

  • a strong interest in doing independent research
  • a 3.0 overall grade point average on work taken at Longwood
  • a 3.0 average in courses taken at Longwood for the major
  • agreement of a faculty member to serve as sponsor
  • permission of the chair of the sponsoring department
  • permission of the SHR Committee