Advertising and Posting 1001


The purpose of this policy is to ensure all advertising on campus is consistent with the mission of the University and higher education.


  1. Advertising
    The amount and variety of printed materials and or electronic materials posted and/or distributed around campus is a concern to the University. Not only is indiscriminate posting and/or distribution unsightly, but it can also result in fire hazards and can be an invasion of the privacy of members of the Longwood community.
    1. The Office of the Student Union and Involvement oversees the hanging of all posters in the Lankford Student Union and the Dining Hall. (See Posting below.)
    2. In academic buildings, one piece of literature per event may be posted ONLY on designated bulletin boards. To use bulletin boards adjacent to administrative or faculty offices, individuals must receive permission from the faculty or staff members in that office. No posting is allowed on other areas, such as walls, windows, and doors. Such posting will be confiscated, and appropriate sanctions will be imposed on the individual or organization responsible. All posted material must be removed by the person or organization doing the posting within 24 hours after the event.
    3. Requests for use of lawn signs to advertise events must be directed towards the Office of Student Union and Involvement. Lawn signs may only be used for University sponsored events with support from a University office. A maximum of six (6) signs may be requested, and they may be in place 48 hours before the event, and must be removed 24 hours after the event. Use of signs is not allowed on the lawns on High Street. All signs must comply with the policy on Use of Longwood University Identifiers.
    4. Advertising must not violate Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control regulations. Sale of alcoholic beverages cannot be advertised. Pictures depicting the use of alcoholic beverages or explicit pictures of bottles, cans, or glasses containing alcoholic beverages are allowed only when such material directly supports alcohol education programming efforts. Advertising should emphasize the event at which the alcohol may be present and NOT the specific presence of alcoholic beverages

      Concerns about the content of advertising should be directed to the sponsor. Questions about the advertising policy and concerns about violations may be directed to the Office of Student Union and Involvement. Advertising that does not comply with these guidelines could result in the cancellation of the immediate event and loss of privileges to sponsor future events.
  2. Posting
    1. The Office of the Student Union and Involvement oversees the hanging of all items to be posted in the Lankford Student Union, the dining hall, and Longwood-managed properties. Students, businesses, campus offices, or organizations should submit one copy of their original to be stamped for approval.
    2. Only Student Union and Residential and Commuter Life staff are permitted to post items in Longwood-managed properties, Lankford Union, and the dining hall. Any items that are posted without following these guidelines will be removed, and if any damage results from such postings, the individual or organization will be held responsible for the repair.
  3. Guidelines:
    1. Submit one original of the item to be posted at least one (1) week prior to the event or prior to when the item should be distributed to the Office of the Student Union and. Involvement in Room 201 of the Lankford Student Union. In most circumstances, flyers will be approved for posting immediately. If the educational materials or flyers are preprinted, the sponsor will be required to stamp each preprinted flyer or educational material individually.
    2. After receiving the stamped original, the sponsor will then be responsible for making. copies of the stamped version. Ten (10) copies should be delivered to Room 201 in the Student Union for posting in the Union and the Dining Hall, and 12 -15 copies should be delivered to the Residential and Commuter Life Office (Lancaster G-13) for distribution among the residence halls and the Longwood-managed properties. Space is limited and posting is done on a first-come, first-served basis.

Posting is not guaranteed if the timeline is not followed.

If there are any questions about the posting policy, please contact the Office of the Student Union Office, 201 Lankford, 434.395.2103.

Revised and approved by the Board of Visitors, September 7, 2002.
Revised and approved by the Board of Visitors, June 15, 2012.