Microsoft Word 2013

Click here to find out what's new in Word 2013.  

For videos and tutorials about creating documents, margins, footnotes, creating labels and many other topics click here.

Outlook 2013

To see what's new in Outlook 2013 click here.

Instructions for adding contacts, calendar basics, recalling messages, automatic replies and more are available. Click here for Outlook 2013 training courses, videos and tutorials.

PowerPoint 2013

To see changes and updates new to PowerPoint 2013 click here.

PowerPoint 2013 training courses, videos and tutorials can be found here. A few of the topics covered here are applying transitions, presenter view and inserting charts and clips into your presentation.

Excel 2013

Excel 2013 also has many new features and improvements which are outlined here.

For support with creating charts, sorting and filtering data and using formulas click here.