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Mission: To facilitate participation in student research and provide professional development for faculty and students. OSR initiatives seek to maximize student engagement in the deliberate and systematic inquiry that is the heart of citizen leadership and enhance faculty development and teaching.

What Is Research?

Research is the process where a person:

ASKS a question with no immediate answer

FINDS the best sources or evidence to answer the question

SHARES the answer with others

Scholars ranging from scientists to sculptors pursue answers to questions. Students who undertake research gain confidence to work independently, experience in working collaboratively, refined information literacy abilities and communication skills. Graduate school programs and potential employers value such experiences. Faculty members enjoy more positive perceptions of their jobs through increased contact with students, pursue topics that go beyond their courses and enhance their own research through collaboration with students.

News and Accomplishments

Have a publication? Presented at a conference? Win an award for your research? Share your news and accomplishments at Student Presentations, Publications, and Accomplishments