Integral to the implementation and sustainability of the QEP will be a centrally located, formally designated Office of Student Research (OSR).

The establishment of a designated office for student research clearly signifies the importance and institutional commitment to R.E.A.L Inquiry. The purpose of the office will be to increase awareness for and participation in student research and inquiry activities campus-wide and across disciplines to facilitate student-faculty collaborations.

The Provost has committed to housing the OSR in the new Student Success Center, a building that, once completed (projected) in spring 2016, will be easily accessible to both students and faculty. The OSR will be responsible for providing campus-wide oversight of student research activities, coordinating current undergraduate and graduate programs as well as developing and managing new programs, facilitate the development of research-related skills training, and provide professional development and peer-mentoring support for students and faculty. In addition the OSR will be responsible for the coordination and promotion of the LU Annual Student Research Showcase Day.

The OSR staff will include a full-time director and two graduate assistants. Imperative to the success of the QEP will be faculty support and campus-wide participation. Therefore, the Director will work closely with faculty, University administration, and the community to build support and provide resources to facilitate faculty engagement.

An QEP advisory team and directors of relevant programs, all of which will be composed of faculty, staff, students, and community members, will: 1) provide guidance and recommendations to the Director; 2) assist with the review of applications for programs, grants, and faculty development support offered; 3) promote research activities and opportunities for external funding for participants; and 4) support the assessment of programs supported by OSR.


Office Activities

Child development research and observation room. The OSR will serve to increase communication and awareness of opportunities for faculty and students on undergraduate / graduate research and inquiry and facilitate student-faculty collaborations.

OSR services and activities will be prominently featured on an informative and easy-to-navigate webpage. Topical content will include current and forthcoming opportunities for undergraduate research and inquiry, fellowships, workshops, grant deadlines, and direct links to existing campus-wide research and inquiry initiatives and honors programs. Additional web-based resources will include a database of faculty research interests and opportunities for student research assistantships.
The OSR will also coordinate with Longwood’s service learning and community services program to cultivate opportunities and provide support to students and faculty to partner with local organizations so they may work collaboratively to develop projects that address community-identified needs.


Alignment with Campus Resources

The OSR will collaborate and coordinate on a continuous basis with units such as the Office of Assessment and Institutional Research, the Center for Academic Success, the Writing Center, the College of Graduate and Professional Studies, and Greenwood Library. The OSR will also partner with non-academic units such as development and alumni, student recruitment and admissions, marketing and public relations, and external and governmental relations.

The Director will work with the Center for Academic Faculty Enrichment (CAFÉ) and the Senior Honors Research Committee to organize, publicize, and implement faculty development workshops and training.