Academic Technology Advisory Committee

The responsibility of this committee is to serve as an advisory committee on technology issues that impact the institution:

  • explore major shifts in technology;
  • continuously assess and suggest revisions to the technology vision of the institution;
  • assist in proposing and crafting policy and procedures about academic uses of technology;
  • facilitate open communication among faculty, staff, and students about academic uses of technology;
  • provide strategic plan of support for academic use of instructional technology;
  • suggest standards for the acquisition of campus technology that support teaching and learning.

The Academic Technology Advisory Committee is made up of faculty members consisting of at least one member from each college and at least one member from the library. One representative from Information Technology Services and one representative from the Digital Education Collaborative will serve as ex-officio members. Additionally, there is one member from the student body.  Faculty members are appointed by the Senate Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate while other members are appointed by department heads. The chair will be a faculty member chosen by the committee.