University Code of Ethics 2057

I. Purpose

The purpose of this statement/policy is to comply with the requirement for an ethics policy to be written by all agencies of the Commonwealth. This requirement is part of the Agency Risk Management and Internal Control Standards (ARMICS) implemented by the Virginia Department of Accounts.

II. Statement/Policy

Longwood University is committed to lawful and ethical behavior in the performance of all its activities. We, as members of the Longwood community, will:

  1. Perform our public responsibilities ethically, competently, efficiently and honestly in observance of laws, regulations and policies applicable to university activities.
  2. Protect and preserve university resources and ensure their proper use, with periodic auditing of functions and departments by the State Auditor of Public Accounts and/or Longwood’s Internal Auditor to ensure that proper controls are in place and observed to safeguard public resources.
  3. Avoid both conflicts of interest and the appearance of such conflicts, promptly disclosing conflicting interests or influences.
  4. Make procurement decisions impartially and objectively, avoiding improper influence in the performance of our public duties.
  5. Safeguard confidential information, ensuring that confidential records or other nonpublic information is not externally disclosed without appropriate authorization.
  6. Maintain effective internal controls to prevent fraud, theft or the misuse of university funds or property, and to safeguard the integrity of our activities.
  7. Treat others with dignity and respect, ensuring that no discrimination or harassment exists in carrying out university activities.
  8. Conduct communications on behalf of the university with all persons, including co-employees, clients, customers, students, guests and vendors, with professionalism and civility.
  9. Strive for continuous improvement in our performance of public duties for the university, mindful that our activities must be reasonable and appropriately authorized.
  10. Report any illegal or unethical action that comes to our attention, so that the university can investigate such actions and take corrective measures.

Approved by the Board of Visitors, December 06, 2013.