Accounts Payable is responsible for researching and interpreting complex travel policies pertaining to University travel expenditures and then training University personnel on appropriate procedures.  Accounts Payable audits travel and meal reimbursement requests in accordance with state and University policy and procedures.  The Commonwealth of Virginia will reimburse individuals traveling on official state business for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred.  Travel expense accounts are open to the public and must sustain the test of public review.  Travel reimbursements are made by direct deposit to the same bank account as your payroll deposit.

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How it Works - Flow Chart

 How Travel Works Flow Chart

Travel Card

Travel charge cards provide traveling employees with a means of charging expenses incurred while conducting official State business.  In order to qualify for a travel card you must travel overnight at least twice a year.  In order to begin the application process please have your supervisor send an email to Ellen Spencer ( requesting the card.

Before You Travel

After You Travel

All travel payments are posted to the bank account designated by you for your payroll deposit. You may sign up for REDI Virginia which allows you to designate an email address for notification of an upcoming deposit to your designated bank account. For your initial logon you will need your 9 digit Social Security Number followed by 33 as your logon.  Leave the Password block blank and click the Forgot Password/New Account button on the left hand side of the Welcome to REDI Virginia screen and then enter the last 8 digits of your bank account you have specified with Payroll.  More detailed instructions are available on the REDI Virginia site.