Student Athlete: Arrest Policy 3003


I.  Purpose

These guidelines are intended to provide direction for appropriate responses to each case while providing flexibility. Modifications to the guidelines are acceptable only if they receive prior approval by the appropriate sport supervisor.

II. Policy

It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to inform his/her head coach if he/she is charged with ANY crime (excluding traffic infractions not classified as a misdemeanor or felony offense) per the Code of Virginia or other applicable state or national codes in the U.S. or another country.  The student-athlete must inform his/her head coach immediately, but no later than 24 hours, after an arrest or formally being charged. This includes a charge or arrest at ANY time during the calendar year (e.g., winter break, summer break) or at any location – on or off campus.  Failure to report a charge or arrest could lead to removal from the Longwood athletics program, as well as termination of an athletics aid agreement.

Any student-athlete arrested and charged with a felony, or a crime involving gambling or game fixing under Virginia law or any other jurisdictional equivalent, shall be suspended immediately from all athletically related activities pending a review by the head coach and sport supervisor OR until charges are dropped, dismissed or otherwise resolved. 

Any student-athlete who is arrested, charged and/or convicted of a misdemeanor charge (other than gambling or game fixing which are addressed above and other than minor traffic infractions) will be subject to a review process by the head coach and sport supervisor.  Head Coaches must meet and discuss proposed disciplinary action with their sport supervisor prior to such action. 

Decisions relative to suspension or dismissal from the Longwood Athletics program or reduction/cancellation of athletics aid will be made by the Director of Athletics or his/her designee.  Such a decision can be recommended by a head coach and/or sport supervisor to the Director of Athletics for consideration.

Student-athletes may appeal the imposed disciplinary action following the procedures outlined below.

  1. Final Review

    Behavior associated with a misdemeanor or felony charge that relates to matters that may also violate the student code of conduct will be promptly adjudicated through the appropriate on-campus process, as well as separately addressed via athletic department guidelines, rather than waiting for the final disposition of a case in criminal court – a process that can take a substantial length of time.  If a student-athlete is convicted of a criminal offense, the head coach and sport supervisor will review the matter again to evaluate, based on their judgement as to whether the student has upheld the values of the institution, whether and in what capacity the student-athlete should continue to participate in intercollegiate athletics.

    These guidelines for student-athletes shall apply in addition to, and shall in no way replace, the guidelines and student-conduct processes that apply to all Longwood students. 
  2. Appeals Procedures

    Within 48 hours of a sanction imposed by the view process, the student-athlete may submit a written appeal to the Faculty Athletics Representative.  An appeal should include NEW information that illustrates extenuating circumstances not previously available when the suspension was originally imposed in order to be considered.  The Faculty Athletics Representative will form a committee to also include one Intercollegiate Athletic Council representative and one Compliance Review Committee representative to review the appeal.  The committee will make a determination within 10 business days which will be deemed final.

Approved by the Board of Visitors, June 12, 2015.