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The mission of CAFE is to foster a vibrant intellectual community that supports innovative teaching, scholarship, and professional growth.  CAFE pursues this mission with the understanding that a dynamic faculty engages students by integrating learning with 21st century pedagogies.  To this end, it seeks to promote, sustain, and celebrate a climate of open intellectual exchange--an ongoing cross-disciplinary dialogue that builds collaborative relationships.


Connections and Learning Communities: CAFE connects faculty to a variety of learning communities to support teaching, scholarship, and professional growth.

On-Time Programming and Resources: CAFE provides resources that are based on faculty need and relevant emerging trends in higher education. CAFE provides on-time programming and resources in formats that are easily accessible.

Infrastructure: As a vital university resource, CAFE invests in a strong infrastructure.

CAFE Resources

CAFE programs and teaching, research, and leadership resources click here for the CAFE blogsite.

New Faculty resources click here for CAFE’s New Faculty @ Longwood blogsite.

CAFE Signature Programs

Blackwell Talks

The Monday Blackwell Talks is a forum which allows faculty to present developing research and innovative ideas in an informal, friendly environment to their colleagues who then ask questions and provide suggestions and additional ideas.  The goal of Monday Blackwell Talks is to foster a campus environment of collaboration, scholarly interaction, and faculty development.

Blackwell Talks Fall 2021

Teaching and Learning Institutes

Each May, Longwood's CAFE hosts a Teaching and Learning Institute.  This day-long workshop focuses on an important trend in higher education.  The Institute is free to all Longwood faculty and staff as well as faculty from other colleges and universities in Virginia. For more information click here.

Dynamic Learning Dialogue

The Dynamic Learning Dialogue is an early to mid-semester evaluation technique that provides instructors with rich qualitative feedback from their students regarding the learning environment in a course. Feedback obtained from a Dynamic Learning Dialogue can be used for focused reflections on one’s teaching to enhance classroom interactions, student learning, and teaching strategies. See below for more information or click on this link

Interested faculty members contact CAFE ( to set up an initial appointment.

Faculty Consultant Program

In the spirit of continuous improvement, our faculty consultant program is designed for faculty at all stages of their academic career.  The program includes one-on-one consultations, small group discussions, and larger workshops.  Our consultants are Longwood University faculty who have extensive experience in their area of expertise. 

Please visit the specific consultant blog for additional information.

Teaching Writing

Teaching Speaking

Teaching and Diversity & Inclusion

Faculty Writing 

Qualitative Research Design

Quantitative Research Design

Information Literacy