Longwood University Theatre - Tempest Auditions

Tuesday, August 27, 20196:30PM - Tuesday, August 27, 201910:00PM
At CSTAC (Communication Studies and Theatre Arts Center) Lobby
Organized by Longwood University Theatre

A Tempest is coming

AUDITIONS WHEN?  Tuesday, August 27th and call backs Wednesday, August 28th, 1st Rehearsal Thursday, August 29th.   TIME:  6:30 PM.  PLACE:  CSTAC Lobby

Audition requirements: For experienced theatre majors, Sophomores and above, a one to two minute, prepared, well-rehearsed, of course, Shakespearean monologue.  Monologues from The Tempest are acceptable, but not required.  If you are inexperienced to Longwood Theatre, a first year, and do not have a prepared Shakespearean monologue one will be provided to you for a cold reading presentation.

Callbacks:  will be held the second day of auditions.  Casting will be done at some point after Callbacks.

CHARACTER BREAKDOWN  (Time Period: the 1890s, Place: the Kings ship, then a barren Island)

Prospero – the overthrown and cast-off former Duke of Milan.  Father to Miranda. Learn-ed in the art of magic and sorcery, self-taught through his beloved books on the same subject.  Stern loving father, but quick tempered and at times angry and merciless in what he deems is right.  He has a lot on his mind, not a really fun person to be with now.

Miranda – Prospero's daughter.  In age, about fifteen.  Sweet, young, innocent, but at times headstrong and determined like her father who's raised her on this island since she was three years old.  The only world and people on she has even known has been her father and Caliban. 

Ariel – A sprite, a spirit, not human, but of some spiritual form.  Longs to be free, free from the obligation she/he owes Prospero for having saved her/him from the punishment of the witch, Sycorax.  Ariel is a Puck-like character of Midsummer Night's Dream.  She is quick, mercurial, mischievous.  She sings, plays the flute, and moves with quick grace. 

Caliban – Is referred to as half human – half fish, a smelly fish. Rather extensive make-up job. Can be either male or female.  Bastard child of the witch Sycorax.  Lusted after Miranda.  Punished by Prospero.  Tamed, but only by threats of physical punishment, open to revenge at the right opportunity.  Falls in love with this liquid from a bottle (booze).  A Malvolio type character.  An oddity among the other characters, but the only native to the island. 

Ferdinand – Young son of the King Alonso.  Immediately falls in love with Miranda.  He is a prince.  Laments the supposed death of his father from the storm and wreck of their ship.  Ferdinand provides humor in his relationship with Miranda. 

Alonso – King of Naples.  Just married his daughter off to some prince. On the voyage back to Naples the tempest wrecks his ship.  Laments now the supposed loss of his son Ferdinand in the wreak of their ship. He is in morning and feels guilt.   

Sebastain – King Alonso's brother. Passenger on the ship.  Devious, jealous. Just not very nice.  Becomes willing to murder his brother, King Alonso, to become King himself.  No one would ever know.  Aligned with Antonia.

Antonia – (formerly Antonio) SHE is sister to Prospero. Passenger on the ship.  She had arranged many years ago to have her brother, Prospero, the Duke of Milan, over-thrown and cast out of Milan, adrift on the seas to whatever fate awaited him.  She is devious and craves power, which is why she did what she did to her own brother.

Gonzalo – a councilor to Alonso, friend to Prospero.  On the ship with the King.  A kind and comic fellow.  Talks a lot and always optimistic, but unwittingly wise and a kind heart.  Loyal to the King.  “Ahh he is so sweet.”

Trinculo, servant to Alonso.  Male or Female. Comic character, paired with Stephano.  Loves drink and is tipsy drunk most of the show.  You've seen his like in the Pirates of the Cariban movies.  Comic relief.  Bumbling. Naïve but thinks he is so smart.  A character – go for it.

Stephano, Alonso's butler.   A Shakespeare clown. Male or Female Companion to Trinculo.  Abbot and Costello.  Laverne and Shirley.  Another Pirates of the Cariban movie character.  Would be the Commedia Clown.  A character – go for it.

Boatswain and Shipmaster (Trinculo and Stephano).  Many other strange spirit-like characters (and animals) will be played by the main cast when needed, doubling up.

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