The Civitae Core Curriculum, combined with students’ disciplinary study in the major, fulfills Longwood’s institutional mission to develop citizen leaders. A citizen leader is someone who is academically and personally transformed by knowledge of fundamental modes of inquiry and informed civic engagement and who then applies the virtues of a Longwood education to serve and transform communities. Civitae is designed to develop students’ imagination, forethought, discipline, confidence, and empathy required to make positive contributions to society

Your department has the potential to offer courses in each of level of Civitae.

Civitae Levels Diagram

If you are interested in

  • proposing a course,
  • advising a student through Civitae, or
  • want to know what assessment is run in a particular level,

see the Civitae Canvas site.

If you don’t already have access to the Canvas site, contact the Director, Heather Lettner-Rust or Ashley Leslie at the Digital Education Collective in charge of all Canvas sites.