The Civitae Core Curriculum, combined with students’ disciplinary study in the major, fulfills Longwood’s institutional mission to develop citizen leaders.  A citizen leader is someone who is academically and personally transformed by knowledge of fundamental modes of inquiry and informed civic engagement and who then applies the virtues of a Longwood education to serve and transform communities.

Civitae affords an extensive, intellectual vision for every Longwood graduate. Foundations courses that span the liberal arts and sciences – with a focus on effective communication, fundamental knowledge, and informed citizenship – form the pillars of the curriculum, providing each student with the broad horizons and scholarly curiosity characteristic of all educated citizens. Perspectives courses, which build upon the Foundations, are a series of visionary, integrative experiences that offer up-to-date, practical lenses facilitating more nimble, reflective thinking. The curriculum culminates in a Symposium on the Common Good that asks students to reflect upon and activate the skills developed throughout their undergraduate career. Through Civitae, every Longwood student develops the imagination, forethought, discipline, confidence, and empathy required to make positive contributions to society.


  • Perspectives Workshops (Fall 2018)

    Faculty interested in working on Perspectives level course proposals are invited to attend one of two workshops (August 30th, 3:30-5 PM OR August 31st, 3-4:30 PM). Both sessions will be held in Chichester G12.