The Digital Education Collaborative provides the support and structure behind the University's commitment to academic success and pedagogical excellence through the effective application of instructional technology by serving as an agent for personal, professional and academic growth in a technologically mediated environment. The DEC bridges the gap between technology and instruction.

The DEC supports all faculty, staff and students. We are located on the 2nd floor of Allen Hall. We happily support the campus community from 8am until 7pm Monday through Thursday and 8am until 5pm on Friday during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Over the Summer, our office hours shorten to 5pm throughout the week. We are also available on weekends via email. Support during exams, breaks, closings and intersession is semester-specific and will be communicated via email, Canvas and/or other appropriate methods.  

 DEC Policies 2021-2022





  • REMINDER: New Quizzes Sneak Peeks

    Canvas will soon be upgrading to Canvas New Quizzes

  • New Quizzes Sneak Peek Sessions

    The DEC will be offering “Sneak Peek” sessions over the next three weeks for faculty.

  • Canvas: Student Use Tutorial

    Are your students still struggling to learn the ins and outs of Canvas? This tutorial will help!

  • Zoom Training Tomorrow 9/3

    Even students can leverage Zoom to create deliverables for class!

  • Loom Training Tomorrow 8/24

    Short and sweet, Loom allows you to make quick and informal videos with the click of a button. Learn how Loom can be used to make impactful tutorials for your students with easy link sharing built-in.