Procedure for Completing Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher


This form is to be used as the preferred method of reimbursement for University travel expenses. It replaces Commonwealth of Virginia forms DA-02-041 Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher and DA-02-041A Travel Reimbursement Expense Reimbursement Voucher Continuation Sheet.

Obtaining Form

Download the Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher (xls). When prompted to "open" or " save to disk" it is recommended to save to either your C: or an external hard drive. Make a new folder named "Travel Forms" to store your forms. This will allow you to save the form and use as needed. Open Excel, then open the file. When you open the file you will get a message concerning macros. Click on "enable macros" to proceed.

Data Entry (use the tab key to move from cell to cell)

  • Traveler's information - Enter the traveler's name, followed by the address where the reimbursement is to be mailed. Enter an office phone number and the traveler's title. Tab to state employee and mark "Y" or "N". This information may be saved so that each time you prepare a voucher it won't need to be repeated.
  • Trip Information - Select one item with an "X" under Purpose of Trip. Select with an "X" the Method of Travel. This allows the form to calculate the appropriate mileage rate for your trip.. Enter a "Y" or "N" in the box marked "EDI". Enter the authorization number from your Request for Travel Authorization (RTA).
  • Trip Details:
    • Under column 1 enter dates to correspond with your travel expenses.
    • Column 2 is used to describe your expenses by day. List cities of departure and return for each day in this section. List any pertinent data needed in this column such as amount and origin of tolls, amount of parking, etc.
    • Column 3 will be used if you claim personal vehicle mileage. Only enter the number of miles traveled.
    • If mileage is entered in column 3 it is automatically calculated into column 4 based on the vehicle use statement you checked at the top of the form. No data may be keyed into this field.
    • Enter expense in this column such as gas, oil, air fare, etc.
    • This column is used for the Meals and Incidental Allowance. List each day's expense on a separate line to make audit easier.
    • Enter lodging with each day listed separately.
    • This column is for any miscellaneous expenses such as tolls, business calls, business meals, etc. (Explain in column 2)
  • Calculations - All items entered will be calculated on the right as well as at the bottom of the form. If the traveler's reimbursement is limited by your Department fill in the block labeled "Payment not to exceed".
  • Continuation - If you need a continuation sheet scroll below the accounting information on the form and begin entering information as in data entry above. If information is entered this form will automatically print with the first page.
  • Budget Code - Enter the budget code(s) designated for the trip to be charged to in the space labeled "account number". Accounts Payable will break down the charges according to account code in this space.


  • Print this form using the print button near the top right of the form. Do not use the print button on your toolbar. You may print a blank form to use as a worksheet, but only a computer-generated form will be accepted for reimbursement.
  • Near the top of the form are buttons that you can use to clear the top of the form or the entire form. There are also buttons near the bottom the form that takes you back to the top.


  • Near the top of the form are buttons that you can use to clear the top of the form or the entire form. There are also buttons near the bottom the form that take you back to the top.


  • The approval process and receipts required for this form remain the same as the manual form. All policies remain in force as outlined in the State Travel Regulations section of the CAAP Manual. This may be viewed on the web at


  • The original signed form and all required receipts must be forwarded to Accounts Payable.


  • Questions concerning travel should be addressed to Ellen Spencer in Accounting and Financial Reporting at #2271.