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The Cormier Honors College not only challenges you and expands your mind, but also makes you part of a truly one-of-a-kind community.

The Cormier Honors College for Citizen Scholars is a place for exceptional students and offers challenging courses, but that only gives you a limited view of the program.

The Cormier Honors College focuses on community. The program strives to create an academic community that is sustained through the drive and ambition of its student members. The support that comes from this group of people is what makes the program unique


  • Spring 2019 Enhancement Information

    Honors students that wish to meet both their major and Honors requirements may submit an Intent to Enhance form to complete advanced Honors work in an upper-level course within their major.

  • A Q&A with Binta Barry '16

    Binta Barry '16 recalls what makes Lancers, well, Lancers.

  • A Q&A with Joe Gills '15

    Joe Gills '15 looks back on his time as an Honors student at Longwood.

  • Cormier Honors College Welcomes Largest Class Ever

    On August 14th 2017, 96 Honors Freshmen will move in and participate in the Cormier Honors College (CHC) Leadership Retreat that focuses on the CHC's three pillars: Scholarship, Service and Community.