All Faculty Senate Executive Meetings will take place in the Maugans Powell Conference Room, 3:30- 5:00 PM

All Faculty Senate Meetings will take place in the Martinelli Board Room from 3:30-5:00 PM except for the opening and closing meetings

The Opening and closing Faculty Senate Meetings will take place in the Blackwell Ballroom (see dates below)


August 17-          Opening Faculty Senate Meeting-
                             Blackwell Ballroom-Breakfast is served

August 30            Senate Executive Meeting
September 6      Faculty Senate Meeting

October 4            Senate Executive Meeting
October 11          Faculty Senate Meeting

October 25          Senate Executive Meeting
November 1       Faculty Senate Meeting

November 15    Senate Executive Meeting
November 29    Faculty Senate Meeting


January 17           Senate Executive Meeting
January 24           Faculty Senate Meeting

February 7          Senate Executive Meeting
February 14        Faculty Senate Meeting

February 28        Senate Executive Meeting
March 14             Faculty Senate Meeting

March 28            Senate Executive Meeting
April 4                  Closing Meeting- Blackwell Ballroom

April 18               Senate Executive Meeting
April 25               Faculty Senate Meeting