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The Office of University Analytics (UA) is the source for official reporting, student data, aggregated data and dashboard development at Longwood.

These reports and visualizations are used by faculty, staff and administrators as well as by the media, the general public and federal and state reporting agencies.

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Interested in what we're all about? Check out our mission:

The Office of University Analytics’ mission is to champion and support a data-driven campus culture.

We will fulfill this mission in two main ways:

  • Develop a robust Business Intelligence services program in order to provide reliable data for university tasks, planning, and decision-making. This includes data governance, dashboard development that focuses on “take-action” analytics and measuring key metrics.
  • Serve as the origin and dissemination point for federal and state reports in order to ensure the university and its programs satisfy the reporting requirements established by the associated agencies.  

HB886 Compliance

Looking for data to support your work? Have a question you think would make a good university research project? Have an idea for "If I only had this report, I could be more effective?

What is HB 886?

HB (House Bill) 886 was adopted during the regular sessions of the General Assembly in 2014. The bill requires SCHEV to disseminate to each public high school and each institution of higher education in the Commonwealth for which the Council has student-level data a link on its website to certain published postsecondary education and employment data. Further, it requires each institution of higher education to provide the link and each local school board to provide annual notice on its website to each enrolled high school student and his parents about the availability of such data.

SCHEV Information for Longwood University  

Data Requests

Persons not affiliated with Longwood should send data requests to datarequests@longwood.edu.