Information Technology and Infrastructure, Architecture and Ongoing Operations 6016


The Vice President for Strategic Operations oversees this policy. Information Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for monitoring compliance with the policy and taking any necessary corrective action.


It is critically important that Longwood University's Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, architecture and ongoing operations support the mission of the institution. To help ensure this need is met, decisions affecting these areas must reflect standards, guidelines and practices found to be effective in the higher education environment. This policy establishes the nationally recognized codes of practice with which the university aligns its IT infrastructure, architecture and ongoing operations.

The Commonwealth of Virginia Restructured Higher Education Financial and Administrative Operations Act of 2005 grants institutions additional authority over financial and administrative operations, on condition that certain commitments to the Commonwealth are met. Chapters 824 and 829 of the 2008 Virginia Acts of the Assembly and Longwood's Memorandum of Understanding with the Commonwealth provide full delegated responsibility for management of the institution's IT infrastructure, architecture and ongoing operations. This delegation includes the authority to conduct these activities in accordance with industry best practices appropriately tailored for the specific circumstances of the university, in lieu of following Commonwealth-determined specifications. This policy documents the industry best practices with which the university will align its infrastructure, architecture and ongoing operations.


The university will maintain a list of specific standards and guidelines that should influence decisions affecting key components of its IT infrastructure, architecture and operations. These standards and guidelines will align with industry best practices within higher education, as well as those from selected technology industries. It is not the intent of this guidance to in any way inhibit research or other institutional endeavors that by their nature may require the use of cutting-edge technology not yet appropriate for normal use. The guidance is descriptive rather than prescriptive to achieve flexibility where needed. The ultimate goal is to create logical relationships between IT resources and the mission of the university and its units.

This policy applies to all university IT, whether owned and operated by the university, or used for university business through contractual arrangements.


Related policies, standards and guidelines may be maintained internally by Information Technology Services.

Approved by the Board of Visitors, September 11, 2009
Updated, December 13, 2019