Institutional Name/Logo 6019


To prevent the use of the institution's name and/or logo in an unauthorized manner.


  1. Limitations on Use:The institution does not permit the use of its name or letterhead to imply institutional endorsement of any policy, announcement, advertisement, publication, correspondence, or report if such use in any way implies University endorsement of any product, service, individual belief, or political candidate not otherwise approved by the institution. Any firm or individual using the Longwood logo and/or pictures of Longwood facilities for private sale or private advertising must have the approval of Longwood University.
  2. Graphic Identity Style Manual: Any authorized use of the Longwood logo, seal, wordmarks, Rotunda icons, or other official symbols of the institution, must adhere to the specifications and guidelines as directed in the official Instructions_for_completing_Trust_Fund_Withdrawal_form (pdf) available through Printing Services and the Office of Public Relations.


All requests must be directed to the Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications for approval or disapproval. Decisions are based on guidelines promulgated by the President and Vice Presidents. In certain cases, the Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications may refer requests for such use to the President, or other Vice Presidents, as appropriate.

Revised and approved by the Board of Visitors, September 7, 2002.