Official Printed Publications 6022


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all official printed publications portray a positive, consistent and coordinated image of the university.


Official printed publications are those documents that display a Longwood logo and are targeted, distributed or made available to the general public or specific target constituencies and one of the following applies: the document was created by university staff or faculty using university equipment and/or university or Longwood University Foundation funds; or the document was created to enhance enrollment and/or endowment efforts.


This policy applies to all areas that create and distribute official printed publications about and on behalf of Longwood University.


  1. Individual departments and areas are responsible for the production and accuracy of printed materials related to their particular areas.
  2. The Office of Public Relations has the responsibility for the overall message and image of the university and reserves the right to review official printed publications prior to printing.


  1. All Longwood official printed publications, letterhead, envelopes and business cards must meet the editorial, image consistency and graphic style standards found in the official  (pdf).
  2. All United States copyright laws, laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and university policies and guidelines apply.
  3. University offices, including the Office of Public Relations, must utilize on-campus printing services for all official publications. If the on-campus printing service does not have the necessary capabilities to fulfill a particular printing need, the Office of Public Relations will make the final determination regarding the use of off-campus vendors.
  4. Paid advertising concerning departmental events and activities must be approved by the supervising dean or division head. Paid advertising on behalf of the university as a whole must be approved by the Office of Public Relations.


This policy does not apply to publications paid for and produced by students or student organizations not using front-end budgeted SGA funds; publications paid for using student activities funds, but serving a journalistic function (e.g., the Rotunda); or publications paid for by grants and not carrying the university logo or name other than as an indication of the location of the publisher.

APPENDIX A - Procedures

  1. All departments, units, and offices that create official printed publications are responsible for updating and checking the accuracy of all data before each reprint including:
    1. Contact information
    2. Job titles
    3. Statistics/data
    4. Citations to publications, including
      1. University catalogs
      2. University Facebook
      3. Faculty Policies and Procedures Manual
      4. Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
      5. Student Handbook
  2. Departments are encouraged to print information that might frequently change (statistics, etc.) on a separate flyer to be included with the publication

Revised and approved by the Board of Visitors, September 7, 2002.
Reviewed and approved by Cabinet, February 28, 2013.
Revised and approved by the Board of Visitors, March 22, 2013.