In January 2016, a new Charter was developed.  Learn more about the University Planning Council Charter (pdf).

2019-2020 Committee Members

  • W. T. Reveley, IV - President, Presiding Officer
  • Lee Bidwell, Professor, Sociology
  • Roger Byrne, Dean, Cook-Cole College of Arts & Sciences
  • Paul Chapman, Dean, College of Education & Human Services
  • Jen Cox, Director of Local and Community Relations
  • Kevin Doyle, Co-Chair, Chair of Faculty Senate Finance & Planning Committee
  • Jason Faulk, Dean of Admissions
  • Alix Fink, Dean, Cormier Honors College
  • Jen Fraley, Associate Dean of Conduct and Integrity
  • Elif Guler, Faculty Senate Finance & Planning Committee
  • Susan Hines, Registrar
  • Courtney Hodges, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
  • Naomi Johnson, Associate Professor, Communication Studies
  • Mark Kendrick, Associate VP for Information Technology Services & CIO
  • Victoria Kindon, Vice President for Strategic Operations
  • David Lehr, Faculty Senate Representative
  • Leigh Lunsford, Faculty Senate Finance & Planning Committee
  • Matt McGregor, Associate Dean of Wellness
  • Michelle Meadows, Director of Athletics
  • Cat Mobley, Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance
  • Kathyn Nasburg, Staff Advisory Committee
  • Cameron O'Brion, University Counsel
  • Timothy O'Keefe, Dean, College of Business & Economics
  • Jonathan Page, Director, Citizen Leadership and Social Justice Education
  • Haleigh Pannell, SGA President
  • Cameron Patterson, Managing Director of the Moton Museum
  • Jeannine Perry, Dean, College of Graduate & Professional Studies
  • Tim Pierson, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Justin Pope, Chief of Staff
  • Brent Roberts, Dean, Library
  • Charles Ross, Faculty Senate Representative
  • David Shoenthal, Associate Provost for Accreditation and Compliance
  • Larissa Smith, Co-Chair, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Suzanne Stetson, Staff Advisory Committee
  • Bennie Waller, Faculty Senate Finance & Planning Committee
  • Louise Waller, Co-Chair, Vice President for Administration and Finance
  • Kim Wingo, Assistant Director of Budget for Academic Affairs

Standing Committees:


  • Lee Bidwell
  • Jen Cox


  • Jen Fraley
  • David Shoenthal


  • Naomi Johnson
  • Jonathan Page