Determining Faculty Base Salaries for Academic Administrators with Tenure 1005


The purpose of this policy is to establish a methodology for determining faculty base portions of academic administrator's salaries.


Starting annual salaries for administrative posts (administrative and professional faculty appointments) shall be determined by the relevant experience the person brings to the position, prevailing market conditions for that position, and the University's financial resources.


When an administrator with tenure returns to an instructional faculty status, his or her new adjusted annual salary base shall be seventy-five (75) percent of his or her current annual salary in the administrative post at the time of the status change. In the case of the Longwood President, the appropriated "State" portion of his or her annual salary shall be considered when applying the seventy-five (75) percent rule.

Approved by the Board of Visitors on September 25, 1999.
Revised and approved by the Board of Visitors, September 7, 2002.