University Art Acquisition 1014


This policy establishes guidelines for the selection, purchase, acceptance and maintenance of artwork by the university. Artwork subject to this policy includes, but is not limited to, original and signed limited edition prints, paintings, photographs, sculpture, decorative arts, digital/multimedia, and site-specific works used for the beautification or enhancement of a particular space owned or controlled by the university.


  1. Artwork shall be selected and accepted based upon artistic merit, craftsmanship and appropriate needs of the university. When possible, artwork should be acquired from Virginia artists. All acquisitions shall be in consultation with the Executive Director of the LCVA.
  2. Those seeking to acquire artwork shall submit the artist’s name, work and supporting documentation to the Executive Director of the LCVA for review. The Executive Director shall review the quality of the artwork, determine the price is reasonable and confirm the acquisition does not duplicate works currently in the University’s collection. 
  3. Warranties of good title and legal export shall be required as a condition of each acquisition or donation.  The University will not acquire an object if there is reasonable cause to believe that, since November 17, 1970, it 1) may have been stolen, illegally excavated or removed from a monument, site, or wreck contrary to local law or 2) otherwise acquired in or exported from its country of origin or any intermediate country, in violation of that country’s laws or any international treaties. Artwork acquired by purchase or donation shall be owned by the University. 
  4. Once acquired, the artwork shall be delivered to the LCVA to be photographed and catalogued. The LCVA shall be responsible for curating, insuring, tracking, installing, transporting and inventorying all artwork acquired by the University.  The LCVA may lend artworks to other museums or educational institutions.  
  5. The LCVA shall develop and oversee a campus loan process by which artworks may be displayed on campus.

Approved by the Board of Visitors, April 1, 2005.
Updated March 25, 2021. 
Revised and approved by the Board of Visitors on June 6, 2022.