Publish and Flourish
Publish and Flourish



Publish & Flourish: Become a Prolific Scholar

Thursday, September 28th

3:30-8:00 PM in the Nance Room

If you are Longwood faculty or staff, you can become a more prolific, more relaxed writer.  Learn how to:

  • Write regularly daily, 15-30 minutes/day
  • create effective outlines after you write
  • write research that is clearer, better organized and more compelling
  • solicit meaningful feedback before formal peer review

The workshop will be presented by Tara Gray who serves as an associate professor and is the founding director of the Teaching Academy at New Mexico State University. She’s published three books, including Publish & Flourish: Become a Prolific Scholar. She has presented workshops to more than 10,000 scholars in 120 institutions in thirty-five states, and six foreign countries. If you attend you will receive a free membership to the Textbook and Academic Authors Association, and a free copy of her book, Publish and Flourish.

Every scholar can become more prolific. Sign up by navigating to the Publish and Flourish reservation page.