Life Safety Emergencies:  ALWAYS CALL FOR HELP - 911

Emergencies & Accidents

  • If you are currently experiencing an emergency, immediately contact the appropriate department below:

Life Safety & Fire 

  • Longwood Police Department, 911, x-2091, or 434-395-2091

Facility Emergency

  • During normal operating hours – Facilities Management
  • Nights, weekends, and holidays – Longwood Police Department
    • 911,  x-2091, or 434-395-2091
  • Computer or Network – Longwood Information Technology  x-4357, 434-395-4357, or

Fire Alarm

  • Except during announced testing, when the Fire Alarm goes off, you must immediately exit the building.  Consult an evacuation route map for the nearest exit to your location.  If you are unable to do so, go to an Area of Rescue (blue phone/box) and use the emergency phone to notify Longwood University Police Department of your situation.

Campus Wide Emergency

  • When the E2 Alert application and/or the emergency sirens notify you of a campus wide emergency, follow the instructions provided.  In many cases you will be instructed to enter the nearest building and go to the emergency shelter location.

Emergency Shelter Locations

  • Emergency shelter locations are marked on the evacuation route maps only on the lowest level of the building.  Some emergency shelter locations are marked with a sign on the hallway wall.  If you are unsure of where to go, move to the lowest level of the building and get as far from the exterior walls as you are able to.

Evacuation Route Maps

  • Maps of the building's floor plan with routes showing two routes out of the building are posted on hallway walls in every Longwood University building.

Emergency Planning & Preparedness

  • Longwood’s emergency management coordinator is housed in the police department.  Contact information is x-2457, 434-395-2457, or

Injury or Property Damage

If an accident results in injury or property damage complete the appropriate forms below: