Ladders are a common working surface for the maintenance staff and a less frequent tool for just about all staff.

There are two main types of ladders: fixed and portable. In general, fixed ladders are only used in maintenance areas and are not available for the general workforce to use. Portable ladders are far more common and are further divided into step ladders, straight ladders, and extension ladders.

  • Fixed Ladders:
    • Fix Ladders over 20 foot tall require a fall arrest system
  • Portable ladders:
    • Step Ladders form an 'A' shape when opened and usually have steps only on one side.
    • Straight Ladders are simply a series of steps mounted between two rails that you lean against a vertical surface and climb up.
    • Extension Ladders are straight with multiple sections that extend and lock to prevent collapse during use.
  • Requirements for ALL Ladders
    • Inspect the ladder before use
    • Ladders must be in good condition
    • Wooden ladders may not be painted (other than a clear coat)