Requesting a Card Reader

Do you have a meeting or event and want to track attendance?  Are you taking payments for T-shirt sales or other items and would like to accept Lancer CA$H?  If your answer is yes, then you should check-out a card reader from the Lancer Card Center.

Depending on the location, needs, and reader type, there may be no cost to use the card reader.  Also, please check with us, as there are already card readers in various locations around campus. 


There are just a few simple guidelines to follow:


  1. Complete the reader request form at least one week prior to your event.
  2. Market the event- Please make sure you let your attendees know to bring their ID cards to your event. 
  3. Management- Please make sure you have a person working the door to swipe cards or have signage explaining to attendees how to swipe their cards.
  4. Reporting- Let us know what type of information you need on your report (name, L number, email, etc.) and an email where we can send the report.
  5. Responsibility - The requester is responsible for coordination with the Lancer Card Center, at least a week prior to the event. If a card reader is not in the location, the requester may need to pick up the card reader from the Lancer Card Center the day of the event and return it the day after. If a card reader is damaged or not returned, a fee will be assessed.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns at or by phone at 434-395-2715.

Please note:

  • Readers may be picked up the day of the event unless other arraignments have been made with the card center.
  • We highly recommend you designate someone to be on point as the responsible person for the reader.
  • We do not provide staff to support your event. Please include someone to swipe cards in your plans.
  • The card reader must be returned to Lancer Card center within 24 hours after your event unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon.

Types of card readers available

Attendance Reader

Attendance Reader

This reader can track attendance.  They are already mounted in Hiner 207, 212 and 213, Wygal Auditorium and Hull Auditorium. No charge to use.

Aero card reader Picture


This reader can accept payments as well as track attendance.  There must be power and a data port available at the location. No charge to use.

iPad Mini

iPad mini/iPod Touch

This reader can accept payments as well as track attendance.  There must be strong WiFi available at the location and the coordinator must have a LancerNet ID and password.  We have three of these readers. No charge to use.


Wireless AERO

This reader can accept payments as well as track attendance.  This set-up is ideal for an outside location but requires power.  We have two of these readers. $25 per reader per day.